Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q : Why there is no picture of candidate in your website?

A: We believe in match-making process, all personal details including pictures, biography, telephone numbers and other related to members are highly private and confidential to avoid misuse or abuse from irresponsible persons. 

Q: Therefore how am I going to know my future soul mate to be?

A: That is why very crucial for you to write down everything which is necessary and important in future husband or wife criteria such as range of age, location, status, academic level, type of working, smoking or not, or anything the more details the better for you. Then we will search in our database and manage for you and update any recent news. 

Q: If I be a member, when am I going to get my candidate based on criteria that I filled up?

A: Normally less than a week as everyday we have new join members. 

Q: How are you going to contact me?

A: After you become a member, our calling department will call you about how your profile will be processed, the procedures and implementation in order for u to become more clearly and once everything are completely understood then we will start to make comparison of profile, processing, analyzing and making call to members either male or female candidate. Once we get the right one, we will call you to get confirmation.

Q: If the one that u managed for me I don’t feel comfortable with, what should I do?

A: Inform us as soon as possible because we believe you deserve to meet the perfect one and even the one that we matched for you met your requirements but how you bring the more serious part or to another level of relationship is depending on you. But if still doesn’t working out, we will process back one again your profile until you receive the most suitable one. 

Q: I’m a shy person, I never make any serious relationship before, how?

A: We are not just doing match-making process but we going to give you advice, motivation due to make it happen.

Q: Other than match making, what is the other activity provided?

A: We have losing weight program for members which is trainer by pur professional trainers in gymnasium, candle light dinner, walk in park, trip to Port Dickson and many more. 

Q: Why is it your fee is cheaper compared to others?

A: We believe helping people is more important not to give them burden as long as they are serious and responsible.


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