Perfect Soulmate’s Vision
Realize everyone’s dream to find their best marriage partner via operative, guaranteed secure and ethics channel to ascertain them having and feeling the happiness of married life.

Perfect Soulmate’s Mission
Provide a marriage partner searching service which fulfills members’ demand in certain criterions to ensure them get satisfied with the service provided.

Identify the origin of members’ problems and solve them right away
In assuring a relationship of members gain success at time, Perfect Soulmate performs “One on One” (SDS) meeting where Mr. Isaac will confront the member to know him or she closely. He will note down few important aspects such as communication style, mannerism, self-image (physical and emotion), demanded member’s criterions and the most pivotal; problems that the member request to solve. This is very important to make sure member’s sincerity which if only depends on form could not guarantee a matching of members would operate because the form can be manipulated. Anyhow, after the meeting done, he finds out that it become easier to match the member because he had known him or her.
For example recently there were a few members had excessive body weight and they feel that they were not attractive therefore Mr.Isaac straightaway gave them suggestion to attend lose weight program organized by Perfect Soulmate because he believed that loosing body weight will create a better chance to meet their soulmate or future husband successfully. Exercise class will be trained by qualified trainers and result’s proven.  Not oven lose weight classes but Perfect Soulmate also organize make-up class for those who wanted to look more presentable something like makeover for members. All of these are benefit for members besides the other enjoying and fantastic classes and events. The feedback from members they said this is the first time they joined and feel appreciated and not even just match making itself but problem solver to what they dreamt for whole life.

Perfect Soulmate’s Specialty
The service of Perfect Soulmate is not just basically about searching a marriage partner instead of making many interesting activities with members. These activities are One on One Basis (to find love), introduction week, losing weight programme, make-up class, seminar and motivation class.
One on One system basis whereby one candidate will be matched with one candidate only in order to make it more systematic and manageable for the candidate itself.
Observation and Updating system whereby member will receive phone call from Perfect Soulmate, sms or email to obtain their current situation, progression, feedback, or if any advise required to make relationship more successful.


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